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Lately I’ve been very fond of this self-titled debut album by Kuparilinna. I’m a little ashamed that it took me until that Flavour of the Month concert the other week to get to know their music, because it’s fair to say that the whole idea of this blog was (and still should be) to tell the world or the few regular readers about such an amazing Finnish album. Well better late than never and all the other cliches. Anyway, I loved their concert and after that I bought a vinyl copy of the debut full-length that came out in the spring of 2016 on Palatsi Records.

You might remember the frontman Tuomas Palonen from Cosmobile and Kaveri Special, but Kuparilinna might even outshadow those brilliant earlier groups. It’s definitely the closest thing to my heart even though I was really into some of Cosmobile’s material. Kuparilinna takes influences from things like Eastern European folk rock, 60’s pop, Finnish schlager and bunch of other things and creates something extremely enjoyable and refreshing by blending them together. Tuomas Palonen and Liila Jokelin share the lead vocal duties on the album and both do an excellent job. Here’s one sung by Tuomas and one by Liila to get you hooked on this gorgeous album. Among the very best Finnish albums of the year so far. Easily on my top 5.

Oh and there’s also a music video for the song Aurinko.

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