M. Lockwood Porter – How To Dream Again


M. Lockwood Porter from Berkeley, CA released his new album How To Dream Again a couple of weeks ago and it has been in heavy rotation ever since. The earlier albums Judah’s Gone (2013) and 27 (2014) were already rather convincing efforts and How To Dream Again takes this thing one step further. Besides still being a great blend of a large amount of first-class americana songwriting and a small share of good old rock’n’roll, the album tackles hard but true issues like social injustices in a very beautiful and moving fashion. This is like a theme running through the album although you will also stumble into some gorgeous love songs along the way. The album is now out on Black Mesa Records (USA) and Hidden Trail Records (UK/Europe). Here are a couple of amazing songs from the album. Reach the Top might not be the hit or even the song that I will listen the most times from this album, but damn that one strikes hard when you really listen to it and pay attention. Excellent songwriting.

And the music video for the album opener American Dreams Denied.

M. Lockwood Porter Website

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