The Blackeyed Susans – Lover or the Loved (4 Track Single)


This new layout thing-y still needs some small adjustments. I try to find some time for that during the weekend. Meanwhile I’ll post some wonderful music, because that’s what counts far more than how this looks.

Australian band The Blackeyed Susans have a dedicated following in Finland thanks to Miettinen and his radio show Räkärodeo. That’s also how I found them. That’s actually how I found everything at the time. Räkärodeo is pretty much the foundation of my love for music and there would be no without it. Sorry if I drifted away from the topic. It’s been a while since the previous The Blackeyed Susans album Shangri-La that came out in 2003. Sure we’ve gotten a glorious box set and a great solo album from lead vocalist Rob Snarski, but damn it’s still a sweeter deal to get some new music from The Blackeyed Susans. This deal will be delivered into our hearts on 2nd of December when they will release a new single Lover or the Loved. The-preorder is already up and running over at bandcamp and there’s also one beauty of a song available for you to cherish. This one below is The Good Life Never Ends, an old David McComb song, and it sounds absolutely perfect in the arms of The Blackeyed Susans. Oh how I love this voice. I can’t wait to hear the whole single in December and full album in 2017.

The Blackeyed Susans Website

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