Strawberry Heritage – Overgrowth

I probably should be focusing on those end of the year lists like the rest of the world, but I think those will have to wait because there’s so much new music that I need to cover first. I did briefly mention Strawberry Heritage’s new album Overgrowth earlier in the fall, but a revisit is order due to reasons that a) the album is now out and available b) the album is incredibly good c) Lie With You is one of my favourite songs at the moment. Strawberry Heritage is Michigan-based songwriter John Hanson (accompanied by a large number of friends and musicians). I first came across his name some years ago when he made some great music videos for one of my all-time faves Frontier Ruckus. Somewhere along the way I found out he was also a songwriter and begun matching my heart with his songs. So far it’s going extremely well. New Rise had some songs I absolutely loved and same can be said about this new album Overgrowth. Actually besides being a match with the current folk-y type version of me, this would also appeal to that early 00s twee indie pop kid adaptation of me. So no wonder the album feels beautiful, warm & comfortable and I love to lie on the floor listening to it with the headphones on. This is Lie With You from the new album. You can buy/hear the rest on his Bandcamp.

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