Lee Fields & The Expressions + Durand Jones & The Indications

Still a lot of great 2016 albums that I haven’t even mentioned yet. I’ll quickly go through some before starting to work on those year end lists. I’ve had a bit of a soul phase going on for the past couple of weeks. I’m not a big soul expert nor own a huge stack of soul LPs and 45s, but every man/woman needs a bit of soul in their life in order to function as a living being. I rarely write about soul records, because I don’t have the expertise and there are better blogs to provide this information. However, it’s still a part of my music taste and therefore I wanted to share a couple of songs from the soul albums that I’ve had on heavy rotation lately. These are the new Lee Fields & The Expressions album Special Night that just recently came out on Big Crown Records and the self-titled Durand Jones & The Indications album that came out earlier in the year on Colemine Records (but which I only discovered a couple of weeks ago). Charles Bradley, Michael Kiwanuka and Nick Waterhouse are the obvious earlier soul-related favourites. The Frightnrs also seem very good based on my limited listening session albeit that’s a wee bit different and more rocksteady type of thing. Oh and I still haven’t heard the new St. Paul & The Broken Bones album. I’ll make a mental note of that and fix this criminal offence of not listening to St. Paul. That actually sums up my limited knowledge of 2016 soul, so feel to drop me hints if I’m missing out on something spectacular. Here’s Smile from Durand Jones & The Indications and Special Night from Lee Fields & The Expressions.

Lee Fields Website

Durand Jones at Facebook

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