Parker Millsap – The Very Last Day

It has been a little bit difficult to hear and buy the music of Oklahoma-based songwriter Parker Millsap in the Europe. It almost feels like there’s neither digital or physical distribution. It took me a long time to hear the debut a couple of years ago and same would have happened this year, but I ordered a CD from the states in the summer. His song Heaven Sent is among the most powerful and best songs of the year, but live youtube videos have been the only way to share it, so I haven’t taken that route. Thankfully it’s finally on Spotify, so I can share the studio version of this song. Heaven Sent is an incredible and powerful song about gay son and his religious father who doesn’t approve. The new album The Very Last Day is also very good as a whole. Maybe I prefer the debut, if I have to choose, but that might just be the indie twat in me speaking. The first demo was the best and all that nonsense. Parker is a wonderful artist, the record is very good and this song Heaven Sent is phenomenal.

Parker Millsap Website

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