The Genuine Fakes – Guns N’ Roses Saved My Life

I didn’t expect to mention Guns N’ Roses on this blog, but this is for a good reason. And no, I don’t have anything against them. I have my own Guns N’ Roses past. I first had Lies and Appetite For Destruction on cassette and then I bought the Use Your Illusion CDs when they came out. Plus I’ve been called Spaghetti Incident (and had it on CD as well) on football grounds. They were still nowhere near as important to me as they were for Joey Fake, the lead singer of the great Swedish power pop group The Genuine Fakes. Their new single and first outtake from the forthcoming second album is a tribute to the band and it’s called Guns N’ Roses Saved My Life. Sounds mighty good as was expected and I’m looking forward to hearing the full album (co-produced by Mr. Jon Auer) sometime in 2017.

The Genuine Fakes Website

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