Litku Klemetti – Juna Kainuuseen

Litku Klemetti has been quite criminally ignored on this little blog. I really liked their concert at H2ö festival, but still didn’t pay enough attention to the album Horror ’15. Maybe for me the jury was still out a little bit, but Juna Kainuuseen brought the final verdict and opened the flood gates. I’ve been an idiot and Litku Klemetti is utterly wonderful. I listened to her outstanding solo album earlier today on my way from home to work and I instantly fell in love with it. The whole thing is absolutely gorgeous and then there’s the title track. Even my current excessive praising mode can’t find the correct words to properly describe such a fantastic song. Ok, maybe there’s a few only good ones in there as well, but don’t care at all. If I still wrote proper reviews, this would get five hearts every day of the week.

I’m perfectly aware that this post has been just love, love, love without any actual information, so I’ll close this by saying that Juna Kainuuseen came out on 13th of January on cassette (Viihdekasetit) and digital (Luova Records). Vinyl coming out in the spring. There’s also a new band album Litku Klemetti & Tuntematon numero scheduled to be released in 2017. This is the magnificent title track of the new solo album Juna Kainuuseen.

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