Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit : Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit

I planned to take the whole January off from blog duties, but it’s proving to be rather difficult because lovely people keep on releasing wonderful songs and albums. So what else can one do than at least shortly praise them here.

I’m still completely addicted to that Litku Klemetti solo I mentioned earlier in the week (especially the b-side of that record is fantastic). I’ve also begun listening to the new self-titled Hulda Huima & Hitaat Sekunnit album and it definitely looks like I will develop a similar addiction to this one. Hulda Huima is a Helsinki-based songwriter and together with the band Hitaat Sekunnit she has created a very impressive and captivating album. This beautiful thing came out on 13th of January on the always trustworthy Helmi Levyt.

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