Ryan Oxford – Fa Fa Fa Fired

A huge favourite during the past month has been Ryan Oxford’s forthcoming album Fa Fa Fa Fired that is due out on the 27th of January on Mama Bird Recording Co. Ryan Oxford is a songwriter from Portland, Oregon who has previously composed film scores and soundtracks, but this is his debut album. It was a long time in the making, but it was worth all the love and time he put into it.

I mostly feature the folk and country stuff these days and the pop site subtitle isn’t completely accurate anymore, but I don’t feel like changing it after 15 years of doing this. This one though is definitely for the pop kids as well. It’s got a lot of 60s pop and The Beach Boys influences and some Harry Nilsson and even AM pop too. It’s playful and enchanting and filled with beautiful melodies and lovely and lush sound. I’m not entirely sure how something so melancholic can be this much fun, but somehow this keeps me smiling most of the time. I think it works best as a whole complete piece of pop magic, but sure these individual tracks rule my world as well. Here’s the awesome title track Fa Fa Fa Fired.

Ryan Oxford Website

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