Ags Connolly – Nothin’ Unexpected

Ags Connolly is a country singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire, England and his new album Nothin’ Unexpected came out on the always great UK-label At The Helm Records on 3rd of February. If you are into traditional country music, you’ll need to hear this one. Ags is sort of beating most American country troubadours in their own game. Honky tonk and old-school country balladry delivered into your heart with an extremely convincing singing voice. He sure has both the songs and the voice and Nothin’ Unexpected is a country gem.

After falling for this second album, I’ve red a lot of good things about his debut album How About Now. I need to check out that one as well, because I’m often a slow learner and had not heard anything about Ags Connolly before late last year. This however is I Hope You’re Unhappy from the new album.

Ags Connolly Website

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