Brent Cash – The New High

Something little different this time around. Brent Cash is a pop wizard and songwriter from Athens, Georgia. It has been a while since the last album, but Brent is now back with his third album The New High. It came out on the 27th of January and it was released by Marina Records just like the earlier ones. They don’t put out that many releases these days, but sure have put their mark on the pop world with their excellent catalogue of releases. The Pearlfishers and Brent Cash discographies being the brightest diamonds.

I’ve only just begun with the new Brent Cash album. So this blog entry is also a note to self that I need to pay this one a lot of attention. I bought the earlier ones and really enjoy them, but have only spinned The New High a few times on Spotify so far. It definitely feels like Brent still has the magic and still wonderfully masters this sophisticated chamber pop that echoes the sunshine pop, baroque pop and soft pop of the 60s and 70s, but also has a few modern pop twists. This is Every Infliction from this beautiful pop album.

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