Andrew Combs – Dirty Rain (single + video)

Andrew Combs is getting ready to release his third full-length Canyons of My Mind on the 7th of April. It’s starting to look like this one is going to monumentally good. I was a big fan of the debut Worried Man. Had it on my top 10 for the year and all, but for some reason I struggled a bit with the second album All These Dreams. I liked it of course, but it never became a big deal to me. I probably should revisit with a new set of ears, because it’s totally possible that it’s a masterpiece that I just failed to understand at the time.

I’m extremely excited to hear the whole new album and see where it takes Andrew Combs. Worried Man had some gorgeous country songs. All These Dreams expanded his sound from country music and added a new set of influences like Harry Nilsson, Mickey Newbury, Glen Campbell. What I’ve heard so far sounds magnificent and it also feels like a logical continuation of his career and what he started on All These Dreams might reach a stunning goal on the new album. I’m hoping for a perfect combination of 70’s folk, contemporary pop, country music, a bit of soul and what not. No idea will that turn out to be the case, but after hearing four songs from the album I’m 100% sure it’s going to be a magnificent record. Silk Flowers and Hazel are especially stunning. The first single and video is Dirty Rain and it is also wonderful. Check it out below and then pre-order / reserve a copy of the album to your local record store. Canyons of My Mind is due out 7th of April on New West Records.

And here’s amazing Hazel from LR Baggs sessions. Dazzlingly beautiful. Check out LR Baggs Youtube channel for a few more live versions of songs from the forthcoming album.

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