Frontier Ruckus – Enter the Kingdom

Major news on the One Chord to Another scale. We have a new Frontier Ruckus album Enter The Kingdom ready, willing and able to win your heart over. It came out on the 17th of February on Loose Music here in Europe and on their own Sitcom Universe label in the US.

The Posies and Teenage Fanclub are still my all-time favourite bands, but Frontier Ruckus is the band that I’ve loved the most during the last five years or so. Their whole back catalogue is superb and based on first few listening sessions this new Ken Coomer-produced album won’t be an exception. I’ve only listened to it a little bit so far and I’m still a little bit under the weather with the flu. Therefore instead of writing more pointless ramblings about how much I love them and this new album, I’m just going to put the headphones on and I’m going to let Matthew Milia and Anna Burch sing me to sleep in perfect harmony. This song Gerunds is my early favourite because a) it’s a magnificent song b) the lyrics mention two songs that mean the world to me, Matthew Sweet’s Sick Of Myself and Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms.

And here’s a music video for another gorgeous outtake Our Flowers are Still Burning from the 5th Frontier Ruckus LP.

Frontier Ruckus Website

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