J.E. Sunde – Now I Feel Adored

Hold the press! This is a huge deal. We have a new J.E. Sunde album Now I Feel Adored out now on Cartouche Records. J.E. Sunde is one of my favorite songwriters these days. I completely fell in love with his solo debut a couple of years ago and those songs won’t leave my side for as long as I live. The new album Now I Feel Adored don’t have that surprise factor anymore, but after a couple of spins it seems to be even stronger than its predecessor. Sounds like a remarkable work of art and I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks / months in the arms of these unique contemporary folk songs.

There’s a Finnish connection here as well that I learned after I fell in love with his music. J.E. Sunde’s mother’s side of the family is Finnish descent. Would be a dream come to true to see him play here one day. When I win the lottery I’ll book him and the Canadian Jurvanen aka Bahamas for a Finland tour. However, this Finnish connection is just an interesting sidenote. What matters far more is that he is a magnificent songwriter and just released a brilliant new record. This is the music video for a song called The Works of My Hands.

And here’s the making of the album video. I especially enjoy the last part, because I share the sentiment. That’s kind of why my favorite moment of his songs is that “everyone else seems so together, so beautifully together” part on A Blinding Flash of Light. A top 3 song of this current decade from his previous album.

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