Digger Barnes – Near Exit 27

Today I’ve been mostly listening to the new Digger Barnes album Near Exit 27 and I’m loving it. Digger Barnes is a Hamburg-based country songwriter. I first heard his name some years ago when he played in Finland with another great troubadour Austin Lucas. I didn’t see the show, but I listened to the music enough to know that Digger Barnes is pretty damn good and someone that I need to keep an ear on. The new album came out on 10th of March on Barnes & Quincy and it’s rather brilliant based on a first couple of spins. Here’s the new music video for a wonderful album outtake called Travelin’ Man. The video was directed by Pencil Quincy.

Digger Barnes “TRAVELING MAN” Music Video from Pencil Quincy on Vimeo.

Digger Barnes Website

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