Eric McEntee – Say It’s Not Over (Val Stöecklein)

It’s hard to keep up with the inbox because is just a little hobby and not a full time job. Therefore I usually have hundreds of unread emails and it’s often very tempting to just hit delete all. The reason I keep on going through them is that a few times in a month I stumble upon a treasure that makes it all worthwhile. Some weeks ago the music of California-based songwriter Eric McEntee was such a treasure. Hitting play instead of hitting delete was a damn fine decision, because I kind of instantly fell for the songs. Warm and beautiful folk songs that take the listener to the late sixties and early seventies. The first outtake from his forthcoming album that is due out later in 2017 is called Say It’s Not Over. This is not an Eric McEntee original though. It’s a song by Val Stöecklein that appeared on his 1969 album Grey Life. I love the song and I definitely need to introduce my heart to Grey Life. So thanks to Eric for bringing Val to my attention. Anyway, here’s Eric’s excellent version of Say It’s Not Over. I can’t wait to hear the full finished album, because Eric’s own material is also excellent.

Eric McEntee Website

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