Jon Mckiel – Memorial Ten Count

Another week kind of flew by without enough time to even listen to music, let alone write about it. When you add that the fact that hockey playoffs will begin next week, things aren’t looking very good for the progress of this blog. I still try to make a few quick posts every now and then, so I don’t lose the last few people that still might care. I still buy music even if I don’t seem to find enough time to listen to it. Today I picked up the new J.E. Sunde vinyl from the local record store and last week I downloaded Jon Mckiel’s latest album Memorial Ten Count. Jon Mckiel is a Canadian songwriter that I probably should have been listening to for several years by now, but this is actually my first proper introduction to his music. I really dig the new album though and therefore I’m happy that I finally filled this hole in my music education. I’m especially fond of these songs Brothers and Unknown Source that you’ll find below. Memorial Ten Count was co-released by my favourite Canadian labels You’ve Changed Records and Headless Owl Records on 10th of March 2017.

Jon Mckiel Website

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