Caroline Spence – Spades & Roses

It’s past midnight and I really should be sleeping, but first I need to quickly praise singer-songwriter Caroline Spence and her new album Spades & Roses. I heard her name several times a couple years back when the debut came out, but I’m a slow blogger and even slower man so it took me until 2017 to properly listen to her songs. This new one came out in early March and this time I didn’t make the same mistake. I bought a download and fell in love with this marvellous record. I have a huge stack of new stuff to listen to, but I’m a little bit stuck on this at the moment. But hey, this is a rather good place to be blissfully stuck. Wrapped into folk and country songs that are extremely easy to get into, but keep on revealing more depth and beauty with each listening session. Here’s the video for album outtake Hotel Amarillo.

Caroline Spence Website

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