Chris Bathgate – Dizzy Seas

The Chris Bathgate discography has been among the music things I’ve loved the most during this current decade. I found this Ann Arbor -based folk/indie songwriter rather late in 2011 when Salt Year came out, but got badly addicted. I bought most of the earlier stuff too and soon I had listened to Salt Year, A Cork Tale Wake and Throatsleep so much that I knew every song by heart. Unfortunately the few following years didn’t bring new Chris Bathgate music, but he finally returned last year with an excellent EP called Old Factory and now in the spring 2017 it’s time for a new amazing Chris Bathgate record Dizzy Seas. The album came out on the 19th of May on Quite Scientific. Here are a couple of stunning songs from the new album. Music video for the song Northern Country Trail and the wonderful title track Dizzy Seas.

Chris Bathgate Website

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