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Enderby’s Room is a London-based group led by fiddle player Dan Mayfield. Their self-titled album came out on 21st of April on the lovely UK-label Fika Recordings. The album is so incredibly charming, soft and beautiful. I’m one of the favourites to win the shyest person in the world contest, but if this is playing on my headphones while I’m walking around the city, I would strongly consider saying “hi” to a stranger. Heck, I might even hug them. I’m fairly sure there isn’t a person on the planet who can listen to this song Lakeside and say that they are not madly in love with the world at least for the duration of the song. I know I’m not able to say it even though my primary skill is to be miserable even with no apparent reason. The sweetest work of art.

And here’s a live version of the same song.

Enderby’s Room Website

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