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Lately I’ve been very much addicted to the songs of Canadian country/folk troubadour Colter Wall. His rather stunning debut full-length album came out a few weeks ago. This self-titled album would be impressive effort for any songwriter let alone 21(?)-year old tunesmith who is just starting out. The producer Dave Cobb is letting Colter Wall’s deep voice and magnificent storytelling take the center stage and don’t use pointless extra gimmicks. I suppose I can understand if the album sounds a bit too bare for some, but I think it’s the right call and I love this just the way it is. It doesn’t work as just background music though, but it’s only a good thing that songs demand the listener’s full attention. Therefore I’m going to cut this worhtless rambling short and I’m gonna just put the headphones on and let Colter’s spectacular voice carry me into the world of traditional folk tales. I fully recommend doing the same. Check these two wonderful album outtakes below and then pick up the full album that came out on Young Mary’s Record Company / Thirty Tigers on 12th of May

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