Charlie Whitten – Balance

Lately I’ve been listening to quite a lot of songs by Charlie Whitten. I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss him before this year, but thankfully a couple of months ago I somehow ended up listening to his 2014 album Hey Love. I fell in love with the songs that night and ended up purchasing a download. The music is so warm and beautiful and while it’s not exatcly like it, it still definitely gives me similar feelings as early seventies folk / folk rock artists such as Iain Matthews, Bobby Charles and even Neil Young. There’s a new Playwright EP coming sometime fairly soon and I can’t wait to hear it. Gems On VHS made video for a song called Balance that you probably will find from the new EP. Such a charming song and a complete match with my overly romantic heart.

Here’s also a beauty called All Along from that 2014 album Hey Love. Erin Rae singing harmonies and Gems on VHS again responsible for the lovely video.

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