Clay Parker – Queen City Blues

I didn’t plan on writing a blog entry tonight, but here I am at 4 am listening to the new Clay Parker album Queen City Blues for the first time and loving it so much that I need to quickly praise it before I go to bed. Clay Parker is a folk/country songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My first encounter with him was at CXCW festival where he performed a magnificent duet with Jodi James. I’ve kept an ear on him since then and recently my email alerted me about his new album. It took me a few days to find the the time to hit play, but tonight I did and what I found is a really beautiful and heartfelt folk album. Gentle guitar picking and a soft lovely voice and together they create a shoulder to rest my weary head. It’s perfect music for this really late Saturday night. In fact, I think I’ll go to bed now with the headphones on and I’m going to let Clay sing me to sleep and then continue listening to it when I wake up Sunday morning. Here’s a couple of gorgeous songs from the new album. The title track Queen City Blues and maybe a little bit Townes-y Upon A Winter Cloud. Listen to / buy the whole lovely album on his bandcamp or website.

Clay Parker Website

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