Joseph Huber – The Suffering Stage

Milwaukee’s roots wizard, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Joseph Huber released a new album The Suffering Stage a couple of months ago. I first fell in love with his songs when I bought the final album of The .357 String Band. His songs like The Days Engrave were the ones that I really loved. I’ve followed him ever since and have all the earlier solo albums.

If you make a best of Joseph Huber album with songs like Coming Down From You, An Old Mountain Tune, The Days Engrave then oh my what an album that would turn out to be. Extremely talented songwriter and the best songs are just out-of-this-world good. Maybe he hasn’t always been capable of keeping that insane level throughout a full album, but every release has still find its way to my heart. A few filler songs on each record is hardly an issue anyway. 99,99% of records have them. The Suffering Stage is an excellent addition to his strong song catalogue. This is Diminished Things from the new album.

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