BMX Bandits – It’s In Her Eyes (single/video)

Speaking of pop legends. BMX Bandits also released a new single/video. It’s in Her Eyes is an outtake from their extremely highly recommended 2017 album BMX Bandits Forever and then there’s a couple of awesome b-sides and super lovely video for the lead song. There’s a little mistake in the press release though, because it says that You’re So Fine is a song by Alex Chilton that has never been released. This is not true, because Chariot already released that song on their 1998 album I am Ben Hur. I fell in love with it back then when I heard Ken Stringfellow singing it on that Chariot album. Not that I mind at all. It’s a great pop song and I’m so thrilled to hear BMX Bandits take on it, which is a lot different but equally magnificent. You’ll find them both below along with that lovely official video for the new BMX Bandits single It’s in Her Eyes.

BMX Bandits Website

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