Pinkerton / Black – How’s the Weather Over There?

I’m finally on vacation and it’s time sink deep into new music. So if there’s something you want me to hear, now is the best time to send it over. I don’t know how much will I actually write during the vacation, but I’m definitely going to fill my iPod with new music, put the headphones on and rest by weary body and mind by listening to beautiful songs. There will definitely be some blog entries as well, but I don’t want add stress to my vacation by making promises that I might struggle to keep. Resting after a ridiculous work load is right now far more important than this little lousy blog.

I started tonight by listening to the duo tour EP Riley Pinkerton and Henry Black did a while back. It’s been something that I’ve been eager to hear, but haven’t had the time to listen to it properly until now. I got into Riley’s music when her EP Do You Have A Car came out in early 2016. I don’t think I ever wrote about it, but I really liked it and I’ve been following her ever since. My first introduction to Henry Black happened when Riley started posting cover videos on FB (like this) that she did with Henry. I’m a sucker for vocal harmonies and these two singing together just sounded heavenly beautiful to me. After falling in love with those covers, I tried to find everything I could about Henry, but didn’t find a whole lot. Thankfully things are about to change, because first there’s this duo EP and in August he will release his debut solo release Folk Is Dead. I’m extremely eager to hear it, because these two have a good thing going on. This EP might not be the most polished release, but I love these songs just as they are presented here and after a few spins the buy now button became irresistible. Here’s one gorgeous song from each songwriter from this lovely EP.

Riley Pinkerton Website
Henry Black Website

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