Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings

I’m not sure does it make a whole lot sense to keep on buying music, if you don’t even have the time to listen to it. This was pretty much the story for me during the spring and early summer. So I’m catching up now that I’m on vacation and hey I was only kidding about that making sense part. Of course it makes sense to buy the music and support the artists that matter to you. Matthew Ryan matters and I picked up the download of his new album Hustle Up Starlings some weeks ago. This will be definitely be a big part of my vacation soundtrack, because it seems to be rather magnificent. Hustle Up Starlings was produced by Brian Fallon and came out on 12th of May. Here’s a couple of early favourites from this gorgeous album. The music video for album opener and single (I Just Died) Like an Aviator and Close Your Eyes.

Matthew Ryan Website

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