Erin Rae – Wild Blue Wind

One more for tonight as I desperately try to catch up on everything I haven’t featured on the blog. I’ll leave you with something out-of-this world good. Nashville-based folk singer-songwriter Erin Rae has released a couple of singles during the past month. Both Like The First Time and and this one Wild Blue Wind are wonderful. Hardly a surprise though, because the previous album Soon Enough was already rather gorgeous. Maybe not my biggest favourite as a whole, but especially the best songs like Clean Slate and Monticello were perfect on all accounts. If she can keep the level of her songwriting on the level of those four songs mentioned above on the next full-length I need to start expanding by English vocabulary, because my normal excessive praising mode won’t be nowhere near enough. Erin Rae also has one of the finest voices in the folk/americana/country circles and besides doing her own beautiful thing, you can hear her singing beautiful harmonies and backing vocals on several amazing albums. Lately I’ve enjoyed her singing on the songs and videos of my big recent music crush Charlie Whitten. This is the magnificent new Erin Rae song Wild Blue Wind. A really moving song about mental health.

Erin Rae Website

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