turns 16: Hayden – No Happy Birthday

This little blog/website turns 16 today. Lately there has not been a whole lot going on in here and therefore there’s maybe not a whole lot to celebrate. As if a so-called blog birthday would be significant thing anyway. Even though 16 strikes, I’m still not completely out. Maybe when 23 strikes, but I’m not ready yet and the title of the song I selected for this small post is not a reference to the latest blog activity. I just tried to think my favourite song in the world that had the word “birthday” on the title. Hayden’s No Happy Birthday is that to me and also one of the most moving songs of the last few years. Hayden wrote this for her non-verbal daughter whose favourite song in the world is Happy Birthday. Hayden tried to trick her daughter into liking his song as much by using the words happy birthday in his own song. Her daughter is too wise to completely fall for the trick, but the song No Happy Birthday is a beautiful treasure that holds inside a mountain of pure love and warmness. No Happy Birthday is an outtake from Hayden’s wonderful 2015 album Hey Love.

This whole Live at Massey Hall concert is wonderful and I fully recommend watching the whole thing even though I made it start from the No Happy Birthday introduction. So here it is. The most beautiful song in the world that contains the words happy birthday.

Hayden Website

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