Twain – Solar Pilgrim & The Deslondes (This Ain’t A) Sad Song

Progress is still rather slow-mo, but I think I’ve relocated the spark and plan to continue at least a little more regularly than during the past 3-4 months. Here’s a couple of recent song addictions that fits nicely under the same post.

Twain aka Mt Davidson will release his new future classic Rare Feeling on the 20th of October. He is a superb songwriter and I’m so eager the hear this one. The first single Solar Pilgrim is out and available and it takes my breath away. Rare Feelings will be released by Keeled Scales. You can already pre-order either on their website or from the bandcamp page by clicking that song link below.

Twain at Facebook

The Deslondes from New Orleans is a pretty obvious post companion for Twain, because they are often touring together. The new Deslondes album came out already in June on New West Records and I bought it back then or thereabouts, but this blog has been standing silent so I still haven’t even mentioned it. Maybe Hurry Home is still not the home run I expect them to hit one day, but it’s a damn good record. (This Ain’t A) Sad Song is such a wonderful song.

The Deslondes Website

And as little bonus selection, I have to post The Deslondes and Twain performing a song called Run Wild together. I suppose this is why someone invented youtube. Incredible stuff.

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