Andrew Bryant – Robert Downey Jr’s Scars

The best music-related thing in my world at the moment is the new song Robert Downey Jr.’s Scars by Andrew Bryant. Popmatters premiered it earlier in the week and I’ve been listening to it over and over again. A monster of a song and I can’t wait to hear the full album. I already saw the tracklist and that it ends to the song Pay Your Rent and I can fully picture myself picking the pieces of my heart from the floor when the last notes of the record are floating through the speakers. Thankfully I’m also sure that while the record might momentarily break me, in the end listening to it will make me more whole.

Andrew Bryant is a songwriter from Mississippi who might still be better known as a member of Water Liars, but hopefully that will change sometime soon. Not because Water Liars aren’t any good. They are a wonderful band and I would definitely like to hear a new Water Liars album as well. It’s just that these solo outings of Andrew are out-of-this world great. The previous Andrew Bryant album This is the Life was a #2 on my albums of the year list and it’s still something that I hold very dear and even if I never heard those songs again, I would still carry them with me wherever I go. And yeah, Water Liars front man Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster also put out a gorgeous solo album last year, so things are going rather brilliantly in the Water Liars world even though it’s been three years since they released an album together.

Anyway, let’s end this pointless ramblings, because you could summarise everything I said with the words “I love Andrew Bryant”. Here’s the new magnificent song Robert Downey Jr’s Scars. I hope it’s already ok to post this. I always struggle to know what’s the proper netiquette when someone has premiere for a song. When is it okay for others to post it? As if my little blog ever took any readers from anybody.

Robert Downey Jr’s Scars is an outtake from the forthcoming Andrew Bryant album Ain’t it Like the Cosmos that is due out 27th of October on Last Chance Records. You can already pre-order it from their website.

And here’s an old amazing live version of another album track Pay Your Rent from the HearYa sessions.

Andrew Bryant Website

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