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One more for tonight as I desperately try to go through most of the music that I’ve fallen in love with during the time I didn’t really have anything to give for the blog.

Self-titled The Weather Station album came just few weeks ago on Paradise of Bachelors, but have already claimed a place among the finest and most breathtaking albums of the year. Canadian Tamara Lindeman has been an incredible songwriter for a long time, but still this one feels like it’s a level or two above all her gorgeous earlier albums. It’s a beautiful, courageous, mesmerizing and captivating work of art that everyone should hear. It reveals something new with each listening session and it leaves me completely speechless for a long time. Ok, those who know me are well aware that I’m ridiculously shy and insecure and hardly speak anything at all. So it might not be that big of an achievement. Anyway, it’s better that I just step aside and let The Weather Station’s thoughtful songs carry you to a new day. This is Thirty from the new self-titled, self-produced and absolutely wonderful The Weather Station album.

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