The Rubs – Impossible Dream

I haven’t really followed power pop and garage rock circles that closely during the recent years. Kind of a shame, because that’s the foundation of my music taste and everything I have going on in here is still more or less built on that. One thing that did caught my ear was the new album Impossible Dream from Chicago-based The Rubs that is out now on Hozac Records. I bought a download a while back and have been listening to this a lot on my way to work and back. That sentence doesn’t sound very rock’n’roll and therefore wrong on many levels, but hey being caught in the treadmill of adult life doesn’t stop me from being young at heart. The Rubs helps the task by taking a few years off the clock with their insanely infectious late 70s type of power pop songs. The label recommends it to fans of The Nerves, The Toms, Nick Lowe, The Real Kids etc so that should get you on the correct ballpark. I couldn’t personally think of a much better ballpark. This is Why Did Your Love Run out? from the new Rubs album album Impossible Dream.

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