Vasas Flora och Fauna – Veneziansk Afton

Vasas Flora och Fauna released a new album Veneziansk Afton back in September and it’s a crime that it has not been mentioned here. I’ve loved the work of Mattias Björkas since the fairly early days of Cats on Fire and I don’t expect that to ever change. Listening to Vasas Flora och Fauna always make me want to work on my Swedish language skills, because I feel like I’m missing out on part of the magic, because I can only understand about half of it. Maybe a little more by reading the lyrics. This stumbling block that my rusty Swedish created thankfully isn’t strong enough to stop these beautiful melodies reaching my heart. My favourite one on the new Vasas Flora och Fauna album is the wistfully beautiful Min Förtvivlan. Bonus point that there’s a moment in the song that makes me think of Leevi & The Leavings. Minus point because it drives me crazy that I’m not able to pinpoint the exact Leevi song. Veneziansk Afton is now out on Startracks.

Vasas Flora och Fauna Website

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