Mo Troper – Exposure & Response

Time for some pop wizardry from Portland, Oregon. I bought the new Mo Troper album Exposure & Response last night, put it on the headphones when I started working at the factory this following morning and kind of instantly fell in love with it. Co-workers probably thought that now I’ve finally lost it completely, because I’ve was doing manual labour with a stupid happy grin on my face all day long and probably even sang along a little bit without realizing it. A damn brilliant power pop album. GBV formula in a sense that at first it almost feels like he is wasting wonderful melodies, because the songs are often really short, but a while later I notice that he knew better and the songs are perfect just as they are. Exposure & Response is a super catchy album full of killer hooks and wonderful melodies and it’s now out and available on Good Cheer Records.

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