Top 10 Finnish Albums of the Year 2017

This is a good day for the next chapter of the year-end lists. These are my favourite Finnish albums of the year. There might be some surprise omissions. At least to me and it sure hurts to leave out some of my favourite artists, but this is how it went today. Thankfully most of those will get their moment under the spotlight on the songs of the year list. As if spotlight and this little blog have anything in common. Alphabetical order would probably be better because I kept on changin the order several times while I was making this and even in general it’s a bit silly to rank albums in order. Music is life, not a contest. Anyway, here it goes.


10.The Lieblings – Let Them Have It

The Lieblings can do the honors and kickstart the list with a thoroughly enjoyable fuzzy pop blast Let Them Have It. It’s a damn good energy booster, when all the sad bastard stuff that I listen to way too much is bringing me down.

9. Pöllöt – Metsäpalo

When it comes to Pöllöt, I think I’ve always liked the songs Janne Kauppinen has written (or what I assume are his songs), but sometimes I’ve struggled a little bit with the work of the other two songwriters Jaakko Tolvi and Jukka Herva. I think the struggles are behind me now. The album Metsäpalo has been a real grower during the year and I’m beginning to understand the brilliance of the band.

8. Daisy – Ornament & Crime

Daisy returned from their long hiatus and released a brand new album Ornament & Crime. It’s definitely great to have them back, because they still know how to write brilliant pop songs.

7. Hullu Ruusu – Hullu Ruusu

Next some blissfully twisted folk songs from Hullu Ruusu whose debut album came out on Helmi levyt this fall. There were some moments that felt even somewhat annoying during the first listening sessions, but those days are long gone and it’s all love from now on. It’s unique, fun and captivating. I haven’t spent enough time with it yet and it might have claimed a higher place, if I had started listening to it sooner than just some weeks ago.

6. Koria Kitten Riot – Songs of Hope and Science

A long time favourite Koria Kitten Riot released their latest Songs of Hope and Science back in January and I carried it with me throughout the year and I have no intention of letting it go. There’s a giant cloud of guilt hanging over me, because I haven’t really praised this enough. This is high quality pop music and somewhere quite close to the foundation of my music taste.

5. Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit – Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit

This Hulda Huima ja Hitaat Sekunnit album has been the surprise of the year for me. I think I’ve listened to this more than any other Finnish album and therefore I certainly could make a case for it being even the top pick. It’s just super catchy and despite some darker topics listening to it is a whole lot of fun. I probably should not listen to this in public places, because it’s impossible to hum-along during the choruses.

4. Salaliitto – Melankolia

Hurts a little bit to leave this beauty out from the top 3 and on another day it could be there. The new Salaliitto album wasn’t as instantly catchy as I expected after that incredible monster single Korpit, but after a few spins I loved the rest of it just as much.

3. Astrid Swan – From the Bed and Beyond

Astrid Swan created a remarkable album From the Bed and Beyond. The album was written in the aftermath of her breast cancer diagnose and it’s both fragile and powerful. I’m especially fond of the middle part of the album from Skeleton Woman to Special Ones. Incredible run of songs.

2. Vähäsarja – Uusi iloinen Petri

Vähäsarja continues to rip me apart, but I don’t mind because he does it so tenderly and is kind enough to put back all the pieces he tore out and in the process somehow is able to make me feel less damaged than before. Ok, the “vielä eilen pidit mua” line and the way he delivers it on the song Ajan autoa is just pure annihilation, but that’s still the moment I love the most on this record. A wonderful songwriter and a brilliant album.

1. Litku Klemetti – Juna Kainuuseen

The Finnish album of the Year 2017 is Juna Kainuuseen by Litku Klemetti. So obvious choice, but how could I possibly pick anything else. It’s not a perfect record though. I think there’s a few songs in the middle that aren’t anything that special, but I don’t really mind, because more than half of it is absolutely tremendous. Especially the ending trio Muurahaiset juhlii, Tähtiyö and Juna Kainuuseen is just whoa! and out of this world. It has also been fun to follow the rise of Litku. I’m a daily victim of the format radio and being forced to listen to it at work often makes me lose a) the will to live b) the hope that good music can be successful. Therefore I’m thrilled to see someone magnificent like Litku Klemetti beating the odds and getting a lot of recognition. Sure the level of her success might not actually be nowhere near as high as it looks like from my bubble, but I try not to think about it like that. She is absolutely wonderful and Juna Kainuuseen is the best Finnish album of the year.

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