I will have two ongoing playlist throughout the year. A weekly playlist that I will update every Sunday (sometimes on Monday, if I’m away for the weekend). I think this one is the sort of the main playlist thing for me. As an addition I will have a best of the year playlist. I’m not fully sure how I will operate these in 2019. During the last months of 2018, it went pretty much that before making a new weekly playlist and removing the old, I moved my favorites from it to the best of the year list. So if you want to hear all and everything I enjoy and as a fast as possible, follow the weekly playlist. If digesting a playlist of 20-40 new songs every freakin’ week is a little bit too much, just follow the year list and you’ll find the songs that matter me the most. And of course just follow both if you so wish.

Here’s the weekly playlist:

Link to the weekly playlist

And here’s the sort of a best of 2019 playlist that will keep on changing throughout the year:

Link to the year list