The Olympic Symphonium – Glory Of Love & Comedy

Canadian songwriting quartet The Olympic Symphonium is getting ready to release their new full-length album Beauty In The Tension. It’s a beautiful and lush folk album that I hold dear and I plan to return to it here on the release week or thereabouts. However, they’ve already shared three captivating songs from the forthcoming album that demand to be heard, so I better get started and post a couple of them. The single Glory of Love surfaced in December and it’s a Chicago-inspired love song directed to the songwriter’s 1991 Honda Accord. While that may seem a tad ludicrous in writing, the song is actually very beautiful.

The latest song to surface from the forthcoming album is a music video for the song Comedy, where all members took a bit of a hit for the team by eating habaneros and such, because crying on demand was otherwise a difficult thing to achieve. I bet that’s a moment when one regrets not taking at least a few drama & acting lessons in the open college. Beauty In The Tension will be out on Forward Music Group on the 6th of February.

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