Rodeola – Night for Days

There’s already so much 2018 releases that I would like to cover, but I still also need to make a few quick steps back into 2017. Rodeola’s album Night For Days got kind of buried under that pointless year-end list making routine, because it came out on the 1st of December. However, it’s way too good to fly by without any kind of mention, so better share a song and recommend it wholeheartedly. Actually when I first saw the news about a new Rodeola album on my feed, I had no recollection of who they are and why am I following them. Then I remembered that it’s the new name for Kate Long’s folk/americana band The Hollows and that I really liked their Sweetie EP some moons ago. I never ended up buying Sweetie, but I made amends this time around and filled my iPod and heart with the atmospheric Night for Days. This is Starlight/Moonlight from the new Rodeola album.

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