Harrison Whitford – Afraid of Everything

Damn how I love the moment when someone new comes along and it instantly feels like I’ve found a friend whose songs I will carry with me wherever I go. The kind of over-excitement that stops time and all other plans are put to side for a long while, because all I want to do is to listen everything I can find. This sort of thing happened today when Aaron Lee Tasjan posted on his feed that Harrison Whitford has a new album that is damn good and folks should listen to it. So I did and before I had finished the first song I had pretty much fallen for it. This happened about an hour ago, so it’s too early to write anything that makes any kind of sense (of course it’s very questionable have I ever written anything that makes sense). However, I’ve listened to the record a couple of times and watched a video or two and everything strikes a chord deep within me.

I don’t know a whole lot about Harrison Whitford, but what I’ve learned is that he is a songwriter from Nashville and he has played with the great Phoebe Bridgers whose stunning album was one of the highlights of 2017. If I’m not mistaken it’s Phoebe Bridgers that you also hear singing and playing on this album. Anyway, I try to return to this on another day when I maybe have formed more structured opinions than “awww I love everything about this”. Meanwhile here’s a song or two from the new Harrison Whitford album Afraid of Everything. And big thanks to Aaron Lee Tasjan for spreading the word. One of my favourites ways to discover new music is to read recommendations from artist that matter to me. So artists, keep on doing that and guide your fans to new horizons. I for one can promise that I check them out pretty much every time.

Album cut Both My Friends live at Sofar Nashville.

Album opener Take a Walk on Spotify. You’ll find the whole album there as well. I hope it will also end up on Bandcamp later on, but couldn’t find it yet.

Harrison Whitford at Facebook

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