Sunny War – If It Wasn’t Broken (video)

Sunny War is a folk/blues singer-songwriter from California. She has learned her trade by busking the streets of Venice Beach and I’ve actually spend an hour or two watching the videos of her exceptional street performances. She is a phenomenal talent and hopefully also people outside of Venice Beach will begin to see that when her new album With The Sun comes out on the 2nd of February. The lead track of the album is If It Wasn’t Broken and I’ve been seriously addicted to it. This broken-hearted song is actually quite comforting and reassuring. The love you shared was indeed worth the world and more, but if it didn’t work out in the end then so be it. You can only blame yourself if you didn’t try and if you feel that badly hurt, most likely you’ve also felt something magical and beautiful before it and there’s no reason why you couldn’t feel that again. Here’s the official music video for If It Wasn’t Broken. After falling for it, search Sunny War on Youtube and you’ll find plenty of other equally captivating videos.

Sunny War Website

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