Marie/Lepanto – Tenkiller

Two of my songwriting heroes, Will Johnson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, have a new album out under the moniker Marie/Lepanto. Probably one should avoid combining the words super and group when talking about these type of projects, but hey there’s no way of denying it either. It’s rather superb indeed to see a couple of music wizards joining forces to create a stunning new album together. I’m not entirely sure is this just a less significant side project for them, but even if it is, it certainly doesn’t feel like that for the listener, because the songwriting is powerful and sublime throughout the record. The album is not that close to Water Liars or Centro-Matic and instead more like a gentle collision of their latest solo albums where Will’s passionate delivery adds some spark and edge to Justin Peter’s indie folk beauty. Their different voices work beautifully together and the album turns out to be a small treasure. Tenkiller came out on 26th of January on Big Legal Mess.

Marie/Lepanto Website

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