Ian Noe – Off This Mountaintop EP

My biggest music addiction this weekend has been the songwriting of Ian Noe. Even though I like to find new music by reading recommendations from like-minded people, I have to thank the Spotify algorithm for this one. I have that 2018 playlist for onechord.net over there and under it the app gives recommendations based on the list and last night there was a song by Ian Noe. I didn’t know him beforehand, so I put it on and it hit me pretty hard within seconds and within minutes I had bought the download of Off This Mountaintop EP that came out in December 2017. His songwriting is just damn impressive and he delivers dark stories in a convincing manner. Bob Dylan, John Prine and well bunch of especially 70s folk singer-songwriters comes to mind and on this Dead on the River video I also get some early Songs:Ohia vibes. But no, this is guy is definitely not a second rate copy of anyone else. He is a brilliant songwriter who has his own voice. He is currently touring in Europe with another awesome troudadour Colter Wall and I’m a little bit of jealous of all the lovely people who have a chance to see them share the stage. I have tickets to see Colter Wall at STHLM Americana fest next June and sure would be great if Ian would be on that tour as well. Every song on the EP is rather magnificent and it’s too early to pick a definite favorite. Let’s go with the title track this time around. The whole EP is on Spotify and other digital outlets. Limited Edition CD available on his website, if you prefer physical copies.

Ian Noe Website

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