Quivers – We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses & Math and Physics Club – Lived Here Before

Nowadays this is a pretty horrible source, if you are looking for new indie pop releases. Today is an exception though, because there’s a new album available from my new favorite and one of my all-time favorites.

I’ll begin with the fairly new favorite. Tasmanian pop band Quivers stormed into my heart last year with their perfect pop song Pigeons. I was almost obsessed with it and it definitely was my pop song of the year. The single Pigeons is an outtake from their album We’ll Go Riding on The Hearses that is finally out and available on Hotel Motel Records. It’s a damn fine album full of excellent pop jangle. So it’s not just Pigeons. Quivers is a marvellous band and hopefully at least the grass root level indie pop circles begin to take notice. I’ll do my small part by shouting their name from the rooftops.

Quivers at Facebook

Moving on to the all-time favorite. I’ve been a fan of Math and Physics Club for over a decade and no matter how far I drift away from the indie pop circles, I will always listen and eventually fall in love with a new Math and Physics Club album. This Seattle-based pop group is just able to create charming, catchy and melodic indie pop that always finds a way into my heart. I’m absolutely awful at both math and physics, but I’m good at loving the Math and Physics Club. Their excellent new album Lived Here Before is now out and available on the great indie pop labels Matinee Recordings (USA) and Fika Recordings (UK).

Math and Physics Club Website

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