Anna Tivel – Dust and Magic

What a lovely surprise. A new single from the great Portland-based singer-songwriter Anna Tivel. I’m actually still living under the influence of Anna Tivel’s tremendous 2017 album Small Believer. To be honest, I haven’t made any plans to move on, because I’m quite happy staying here with these misfortuned characters of her songs. The characters of her songs may not have luck on their side and their own misguided actions may even drive them further into darkness, but Anna always tells their stories with empathy, warmth and heart. The new song Dust and Magic is a rare love song in her captivating songbook. Sure there’s a bit of that dark too, but it’s overshadowed by the devoted love. It’s an incredible song and further proof that Anna Tivel is one of the finest songwriters and storytellers at the moment.

Anna Tivel Website

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