Jerry David DeCicca – Time The Teacher

Jerry David DeCicca released his second solo album Time The Teacher on the 9th of February. The album is out here in Europe on the Impossible Ark Records. The former The Black Swans frontman has written a very lovely album that will bring a lot of light and color to these dark winter nights. Sure there are some dark subjects, but the overall feel of the album is very mellow, light and comfortable. Piano and horns carry the songs towards me and the soulful backup singers lift them into my heart. Even though the album feels like a gentle easy-flowing bright breeze and I thought about reviewing this by just posting the song Just Ah by The Blades of Grass as the review, the album is not in any way lazy or effortless. There’s quite a lot of depth and detail in the subtle arrangements and the contrast between sweet sounds and melancholic thoughts can also get immensely moving. Therefore even a teardrop might grace the smile of the listener, but these are the good kind of tears that will glue you back together.

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