Buckley – Bakersfield

One more for tonight. DJ Biggie Boutte from Swamp Jacuzzi praised Buckley on FB earlier in the week and I always listen to people who know far more than I do. So I went and listened to Buckley and fell rather badly especially for this song Bakersfield. It’s the lead track of his album Las Cruces that is due out March 2nd on Rum Bar Records. Bakersfield is a brilliant countrified rock’n’roll song and I look forward to hearing the full album in a week or so. You can already listen to half of it on Bandcamp and it’s all damn good. Bio namedrops Neil Young, Whiskeytown, Flying Burrito Brothers as influences/comparisons so I suppose it’s no wonder this is my kind of music. This is the gorgeous Bakersfield. Follow the Bandcamp link if you need to hear more and/or pre-order the album.

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