The Olympic Symphonium – Beauty in The Tension

We have to say goodbye to the winter olympics this weekend, but thankfully The Olympic Symphonium will stay on our side throughout the year. They are a Canadian folk quartet from the New Brunswick area and their latest album Beauty in the Tension came out a few weeks ago on Forward Music Group. It’s a charming and moving folk album that really hits the core of my heart. I’m very fond of the song Careful even though the opening lines absolutely floor me and then everything will stay still for the duration of the song. The song is truly emotive, poignant and powerful and perhaps might not seem like a good match with my irrationally and continuously worried mind, but instead of wrecking me it somehow ends up comforting me. What a song, but it’s still only a little part of the story and the rest of the material is pretty much on the same level. All four songwriters have written beautiful songs. The album opener Coat Of Arms is a stunner that reminds me a bit of Mark Eitzel and Comedy is a compelling song that revolves around joking in an unsmiling manner. They would all be worth mentioning, but music speaks louder than my pointless ramblings. Here’s a couple of standouts from the new The Olympic Symphonium album Beauty in the Tension.

The Olympic Symphonium Website

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