Damien Jurado – Over Rainbows and Rainier (video)

Damien Jurado has a new album The Horizon Just Laughed coming out 4th of May on Secretly Canadian. I haven’t really been super excited about the last few Damien Jurado albums, because I just wasn’t that much into the experiments and the sonic adventures. However, the reason for that is mostly my own narrow-minded music taste and objectively there’s nothing wrong with the albums. Damien Jurado gets to decide what Damien Jurado sounds like, not some Finnish twat who writes a blog in his bedroom. And I do quite like the last few too, but I loved everything before them. This first outtake Over Rainbows and Rainier from the forthcoming album on the other hand, oh my, everything about this song. Damien is fully back in the love column. What a quietly monumental song. Song of the year caliber. I can’t wait to hear the full-length in a few months.

Damien Jurado Website

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